Computational methods in applied mathematics

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The journal was founded in 2001. It is issued quarterly. The number of pages of an issue exceeds 100. Online version is available for free.

Founder: Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Aims & Scope

The highly selective international mathematical journal Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics (CMAM) considers original mathematical contributions to computational methods and numerical analysis with applications mainly related to PDEs.

CMAM seeks to be interdisciplinary while retaining the common thread of numerical analysis, it is intended to be readily readable and meant for a wide circle of researchers in applied mathematics.

The humanistic aspect of the journal is the joining of efforts of both Eastern and Western scientists in the field of numerical analysis. The journal is supposed to play an active role in this matter. The Editorial Board staff of the journal and all published papers abundantly evidences it.

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* Zentrablatt MATH
* Russian Reviews Journal(Mathematics)
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